Puerto Rico Ice Hockey Federation, Inc.


Welcome to the home of International competition for Puerto Rico. Here you will find information regarding the promotion and preservation of international sport.

Puerto Rico is a proud member of the International Amateur and Professional Sports Association.

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Purpose & Intentions

The intended purpose of Hockey Puerto Rico is to promote, foster, and develop the sport of ice hockey on the island.  We aim to do this first and foremost by assisting in the development of arenas and ice facilities around the island by providing all the technical assistance necessary.

  1. BulletAguada Olympic Training Facility

  2. BulletJose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum

Press and Media

Our Media Relations department will work with all domestic and International media to promote ice hockey in Puerto Rico, and to pursue and attract the allocation of International Amateur and Professional events and/or competitions in Puerto Rico.

Contact hockeypuertorico@yahoo.com

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Anyone who doubts that ice hockey is truly a global game that can be played in any world region or any climate, need only look at places like the island of Puerto Rico. In a region where most people think ice is something you use to keep drinks cold, the sport of ice hockey created a promising foundation for the future.

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When most people think of sports in Puerto Rico, the first images that come to mind are baseball and soccer. Few expect to find hockey players on an island where there's never a winter, much less natural ice. But in a testament to the global nature of hockey, the sport does indeed exist if you look for it

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